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Prevent the Demolition of the Brooklyn Heights Library

Love Brooklyn Libraries Inc is dedicated to preserving the existence of the Brooklyn Heights Library in New York. An integral part of community life, this library is a place where all kinds of people come to learn, read, communicate, and grow. In addition to saving our library, we're passionate about creating new methods to promote library development and advancement on a larger scale.

A Cornerstone of Our Neighborhood

There's nothing better than a sense of belonging. For generations, libraries have been a leader in promoting the advancement of learning. Regardless of social or personal status, everyone is welcome to take advantage of the knowledge and public resources housed in libraries. As a free source of information, libraries create equal opportunities for personal and economic growth. We believe this is a right that should not be tampered with.

Always There for You

Everyone, from readers and writers to students and seniors, benefits from the existence of the Brooklyn Heights Library. There is a multitude of reasons why community members choose to remain active in the library. If you need to make a quick stop on your way to work or class or if you don't have a computer at home, the library is always there to welcome you.

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Make a Difference

You can make a positive difference in our mission to save the library. Become a member and make a monetary contribution online. All donations are tax-deductible, and completely verified. We're happy to accept all major credit cards. The money we receive will go towards our legal and administrative fees for a lawsuit against those who are trying to close and demolish the Brooklyn Heights Library.

Although every contribution supports our organization, donating is not a requirement of membership. As long as you believe in our cause, we're ecstatic to welcome you into the organization as a volunteer. We are all volunteers. With your help, we're ensuring that our library is around for the next generation of families in Brooklyn Heights. Together, we will save our library.